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AGUSTA AQUATIC is the leading Live Ornamental Fish and Plant Exporter from Indonesia. We focused on providing high-quality Tropical Freshwater Fish, Aquatic Plant, Salt Water Fish and Live Coral and we pursue customer satisfaction as our main goal – we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.  We offer you various types of fish and plant directly from the best.The facility is located in Serpong, Tangerang-Indonesia. It is only a 40 minutes away from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, from which our shipments are originated. Our proximity to the international airport permits us to arrange and deliver shipments efficientlyWe are consistently looking forward to the future for equipping our facility and staff with up-to-date information in the ornamental fish & plant industry. Our export products are maintained in modern holding facilities using advance equipments. Overall we have excellent fisheries system and trained employees. Each shipment will receive selective screening and quality control inspection to achieve high quality products.

With our extensive experience in breeding, planting and collecting fish also supported by many best Breeder Farms and Fish Suppliers, we provide a spectacular selection of Fish, Plant, and Coral as well to understand our customer inquiry and demand. This ensures that our customer receive only high quality products from us at very reasonable prices and allow us to build a long-term business relationship with every customer.

As our high standard procedure of Quality Control, Health Inspection, Packing and Delivery, we have successfully delivered (with lower than 3% DOA Rate) our products to USA, Europe, Asia, and Middle East and Bring Nature Love to worldwide. We pack fish for 72 hours, 48 hours and 24 hours.



Farm Supplier And Packaging





Why Us

Since our motto is to : Bring Nature Love , it is our desire that every customer feel comfort in all aspect.

1. Experience in export live tropical fish business more than 10 years.

the management team had experience in business more than 10 years that guarantee our company have good relation with many breeding farm and all exporter in Indonesia.  All our staff pass training and working for the best skill for select the good quality fish for our customer and had skill and knowledge for prepare fish for exportation to our customer all country.

    • contact farming with many breeding farm for guarantee continuous supply all kind of fish all season.

2. Full facility of large size of  export company.

Our company already have facility for operate for deliveries  the best quality fish to our customers   :

    • in-house individual packing machine ,that can save the quality of fish send to our customer all kind of fish in serious pack. (Discus fish, Betta fish , Cichlid, Scat , Mono , etc.)
    • Temperature packing room
    • in-house  Air-condition Truck  for control temperature on transportation between our company area to the airport.
    • In-house quarantine area
    • In-house mini-lab for test and check the quality of fish send fish to customers that for make sure our fish clear and clean.
    • in serious case need High Standard Lab -Test , we send fish to Out-side   High Standard Lab -Test for special certificate for some country.

3. Our company registry with The Fisheries Department of Indonesia

our company registry and pass rule of control for export company from The Fisheries Department of Indonesia, and they will re-check standard every 6 month. That guarantee our company available export  fish to all country in the world and we can prepare Health Certificate and all document in special requirement for all country.

4. Use new technology in packing process for the best efficiency in transportation fish to all customer.

for the best efficiency of transportation :

our company use new technology for guarantee our fish alive to all destination of our customer :

    • We use new technology of the water for packing fish that our water is very clean and “have more oxygen 2-3 equal than the same general water”  that make sure our fish available alive on long time shipment  between  48 – 72 hours on normal density  fish of packing.
    • We use new enzyme product for control the water quality on transportation that make sure our fish carry on good condition and fresh when arrival to our customers.

5. All our customers should be receive fish in lower DOA that other exporter and average low cost per unit. (save transportation cost and low DOA)

6. All shipment, we will always work with the number one of forwarder agent of Indonesia. (Live animal)   and professional airline in reasonable freight cost.

that make sure , all shipment will carry be professional from Indonesia to all country in the world, and our forwarder agent will find our the best airline and reasonable freight cost for our customer.

Our Company

Holding Company : CV. Sahabat Jambi

Legal Document : SIUP No.: 530 – 1045 – KPTSP – 1571003002 – 2012

Address : Western Cosmo Blok.C6, The Icon, BSD CITY

Tangerang – Indonesia 15345

Phone : +62-812-12012-888 ; +62-21-90688027

Email 1 :

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