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Terms and Condition

  • Freight Charge
    We will inform you freight charge based on the actual charge from the airline and freight forwarder which we shall not consider this charge as our profit.
  • Terms & Conditions 
    Our Price in FOB (Jakarta) in US Dollars ,  PORT : Soekarno-Hatta Cengkareng (CGK)
    Our Payment Terms : Advance payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer). All of the prices quote here is F.O.B from jakarta , indonesia Prices of every product can be changed any time without notice and will be advised in our next offer or new price list or our stock list.
  • Packing & Services
    The bags are packed in polystyrolfoam boxes and each box costs 8 USD. All speciments are packed in pressurised oxygenated double plastics bags. You can order different kind of fish in one box.
    You can see quantityy of fish for one bag in stock list or Price list.
    All bags have labels with code and qty of the fishes conformable with invoice.
    Standard Water quality is below, we will adjust below parameter for particular fish
    pH = 7.5
    dGH = 15 – 18
    dKH = 6 – 7Packing Charge 8 USD / boxImportant Document Providing.
    Normally we will provide these important documents with the shipment:

    • Invoice,
    • Packing List,
    • Airway bill,
    • Health Certificate (issued by the Department of Agriculture of Indonesia) for Fish
    • Phytosanitary Certificate (issued by the Department of Agriculture of Indonesia) for Plants
    • and/or CITES Certificate (issued by the Department of Agriculture of indonesia)

However in some countries may need more documents such as Certificate of origin or special declaration. Please inform us in advance.

Some countries, importers must have Import Permit Certificate first before you confirm the order.